Launch Party

Well, it’s more a can of Hobgoblin and sitting down to gloat over last nights match, again. But I have to say, this interweb stuff is pretty cool these days. Even a short tempered so and so like me managed to knock this up, and cook the tea, and perform various taxi and child pacification duties, inside half an evening.

Only 16 months of pre-amble to go, but at least we’re all stubbed up and ready to rock


Photo by Richard Arden



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6 responses to “Launch Party

  1. Andrew Galvin

    Great idea, good cause, count me in.

  2. skk

    Nice blog – now comes the carping:
    1. You chose wordpress huh ? Its your blog and your _money, all USD30-45 of it – definitely its your blog and your money, but just sayin’.
    2. The pics – make me squirm – that’s the reality of course, but if I found a nice, compressed, pretty pic of Indian railways, would you consider putting that up side by side?

    You are of course doing a great job – more power to you.


    • Lester

      Dude, it’s free!
      If you’ve got anything you want sticking up send it in. I’ll be be putting up a “Team” page shortly.

      • skk

        Ahhh, free – wordpress is free – I did not know that. no worries then.

        Here’s a pic then – reputedly of the Konkan railway – how do I paste a pic in ? Anyway I’ll email it to you.


  3. Lester

    more coolness from wonderful wordpress. once I’ve cleared you, you can post without me having to fart about having to clear your posts. which I consider intuitively correct,
    I’ll msg you with my email ad.

  4. Ted

    “Way to go”, as we say in Lincolnshire. The Indian Rail system is very impressive – I’m sure Mahatma Gandhi would revise his view if he could see what fun they are.

    Like the simplicity of this site: a) It works b) I’m sure you’ll get some more great pics to display c) Er… nearly every page has a separate comment section??

    Happy travels.

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