Class War

Firstly and foremostly, a massive round of applause, for he’s a jolly good fellow, hugs and handshakes and all that kind of stuff for the outstanding series of contributions we’ve been getting. Don’t worry folks, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I just thought I ought to do something memorable, who the hell wants to run round southwark docks for money anyway ?. You’ve raised 700 quid in barely a week, and there’s plenty of people out there who are pretending that they don’t have their facebook email switched on who I’ll be making direct and personal contact with over the next few weeks.. Now I know why I paid a subscription fee to join Linkedin.

As part of the game of dare that’s developing, we have been investigating the subliminally insane idea of doing the Kasmir Railway. This would have the advantage that I might be be able to bump into these guys again and ask them how their mate Mullah Ohmar is gettting on (I just knew I’d heard that name before). Don’t worry folks, the news varies from bad to appalling, just going up to Jammu is going to be scary enough. But it gave me an excuse to make a militant photo post.

pakistan 2

The really sensational news for those of you who have shelled out so royally for the cause so far, is that yours truly has managed to corner himself into doing the entire run in 2nd class sleeper, subject to my challenge being met. We’ve been having discussions about what class we should be doing this in, should we be all in the same class, shouldn’t we make sure that ordinary Indians themselves can join in, etc. Now truth be told , 2nd class non AC is really the only place to be. But usually you get off after 24, at most 36 hours, stagger like an extra from Shawn of the Dead to the nearest hotel, and are not seen again for 12 hours. Well, it’s just not going to be like that this time.
I am still operating a broad ship. If you fancy doing any part of this there will be people who aren’t obliged to prove themselves on this (cos it wasn’t their dumb idea in the first place) who will be traveling in the best seats the train has on offer.
Our female membership has now expanded to 25% of the party (OK, we went from 7 to 8), but it’s still a very encouraging trend. There are also several potential part timers from the girls. We should be on the Railway Children Events page shortly also, from where I expect to get a few candidates, and I know there’s quite a few more still on IndiaMike who are keeping their powder dry, but will throw their hat in if it all starts to shape up next year.

I seem to get most of my hits from mail servers btw, so well done everyone whose been mail bombing me. I changed my twitter ID to gcirc, and I now cant reinstate the automagical update onto twitter and inturn onto facebook, so I’ll be handcranking this. But if you tweeted me, please do so again as I get more takers now I’m not called mr_stretch, funny that.



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2 responses to “Class War

  1. skk

    You’ve got it totally taped haven’t you – we don’t need a Chief Risk Officer when we have you ! Yup, one has to consider travelling in that area very carefully. I’m working on the heat maps idea so we can make more sense of how, relatively speaking, dangerous it is.

    I reserve the right to skip this step of the journey ;and advise my wife similarly – also Assam, also Midnapore.. hang on pretty soon I won’t be going anywhere 🙂


  2. Murli

    O Come on SKK where’s the spirit of adventure ! I will call in some people to check it out. BTW I am not hearing you at all…..

    Cheer up RSVP to my email id

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