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This latest missive is just the usual GCIRC  mickey taking, we’re all going to get along just fine, trust me …..

My target  critical mass, enabling a chain reaction of apocalyptic proportions,  is all but established.   I had thought if we can get a group of 6+ of us we could set up camp and keep interaction with the rest of the train at a controllable distance. But we’ll probably be pleading with people up and down the train to co-operate in a seat exchange system so we don’t have to listen to this guy going on and on and on about how India used to be when he wasn’t a fat old has been.

The Big Brother perspective of this insanity, with what looks like being way over 20 or so people, most of who will have never clapped eyes on each other before convening at Mumbai Central, all cooped up together for 2 weeks in a confined space, is just dawning on me.   If the trials of coping with the train and the punishing schedule don’t get to us,  it’s all but certain that some pain in the neck from some god forsaken place like Oldham is going to end up getting right under some poor soul’s skin before the journey’s end.  Perhaps we should ask Shilpa what’s she’s doing a year next Feb.

Shilpa ponders the idea of going the whole way, in SL!

The increasingly bitchy blog posts which are likely to erupt from the festering sores of mutual incompatibility that will become evident round about the disgustingly early morning arrival at Ahmedebad on day 3, will surely make all those of you too cowardly to participate all the more smug from behind your comfy desks in the West End and elsewhere.  And confident that your sizeable charitable contribution  has been truly well spent. Don’t you worry all of  you so-and-so’s that haven’t coughed up yet, Lester knows where you live and I’m still waiting for Railway Children to turn up on the considerably more economical VirginMoneyGiving.

By popular demand, here’s a video. The GCIRC taste and decency guidelines don’t permit me to use Big Brother footage  on the site



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6 responses to “Railality TV

  1. skk

    Its ThanksGiving, so I’m gonna be nice about Shilpa Shetty – besides she owns 11% of the Rajasthan Royals cricket team – but, just to note her competition – Priyanka Chopra, Kajol, Preity Zenta, Lara Dutta, Katrina Kaif – did I mention Aishwarya Rai-Bacchan and the list goes on – with 600 million women, there’s an awful lot of goodlooking, acting talent there.

    But of course, without perhaps meaning to ( or otherwise), the references to Big Brother and Shilpa Shetty are clear enough – its the “R” word and the bust up of and with Jane Gooding( RIP) . that’s at issue here, especially if people of different, strangulated, enunciated, accentuated, mono, bi and tri-furcated national characteristics are together for extended periods of time – in stressful times at that.

    For myself and my wife its very clear – we are deeply fusion orientated – we enjoy and are comfortable with the acculturation of Indian(30 varieties of ), British(hmmm, 15 varieties) and US (40+ varieties) that we have – and to belabor the point – none of THOSE are mono-cultural.

    But at the same time neither of us will have any truck with racism( yup, that’s the “R” word) – in any of its forms – and as Malcolm X said – “by any means necessary” – for myself, I’m pretty feral about it – or to put it another way, from the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” – ‘Rules ? In a Knife Fight?’

    But fusion is what we are about and what we aim for.

    But, its ThanksGiving, here’s a nice fusion vid. shot in AU, I think, from “Bollywood, Hollywood” – “Rang Rang Me” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH1qfK2n_nE.

    You’d better start working on posting vids too, Mark.

    Hey, separately, I’ve got all 2xxx train schedules down – what a surprise, some of the trains( around 100, assuming 1/2 is down to my screwups then a .025 error rate, not quite six sigma(.00034 error rate) is it ) that exist in the TAAG, and locatable by more circuitous means, don’t exist with the usual ways of searching for them online. I’ll collate it and expect to gain some props when I send it off to the Indian Railways IT department so that they can correct it. The question is – shall I copy it to K.C. Jena and Sam Pitodra – or not ? I shall be pretty _feral_ in deciding this. So, if any Indian Railways IT people are reading this… guys, this is your chance.


    • Lester

      I wasnt proposing Shilpa Shetty (the obvious spoonerism is almost irresistible) as the best looking Bollybabe in India, but as we’re getting all chauvinistic I rate Priyanka as the best out of your submissions
      Our girl Shilpa (for she of course is THE best known, and loved, Bollywood star in the UK) holds her own imho. There was a film called Jisme (absolutely no pun required for that one) the last time but one I was in India, but I cant find any reference to it.
      I have a theory also that the Pathan women are (might be) the best looking women on the planet…….

  2. skk

    Hey,nice embedded vid too – did you catch that Daler Mehndi at the end ? He’s really good ( no data on personal proclivities which may change my viewpoint ) – I saw his New Years show 2006 – blew me out of the water – right up there with Pink Floyd, “The Who” etc – seriously, when this guy gets going – he’s magick.

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