If you’re one of those nasty moderator types out to zap my entry on your site, come on guys have a sense of humour, this stuff is genuine, your punters need to know …..

It’s likely you are reading this having turned up from one of the endless number of travel forums I’ve been spamming to death over the last week. You really don’t want to know how many there are. I’ve listed some of them in the margin, but I must have signed up to 50 of them, seriously. There’s a few that just zapped me rather unceremoniously, but by and large I’ve been allowed to plug my stuff. I’ve worked out that saying “it’s for charity, have pity” is a dumb move, no one likes a scrounger. It’s better to  make out that you’re just looking for travel buddies.  The return for my labours has been questionable, though I do appear to have several new recruits. I thought I had a posse of Dutch, but they seemed put off when they realised we wouldn’t be going via Agra (avoid it like the plague btw , and if you do just have to do it then set up camp in Bharatpur and nail it with a surgical strike in a day, I can recommend a beezer spot with the best home cooked food going). I am still on a relentless quest for the missing Germans and Aussies, and I’m sure there’s a quartet of highly audible Israelis we’ve overlooked somewhere.

You cant have too much of a good thing. Fritters anyone ?

At least I now turn up at the top of a search for my own site. For a while some insipid child actor was hogging top spot, but I’ve nailed him and his sperm donating antics. I don’t know if I will be able to manage a final burst of futile rubbish before I get to flee this damp, cold, dark island before the horrors of yuletide take grip. So if you do turn up here over the next month bursting with enthusiasm,  I’ve gone off to hang out in a jungle with my family for December. Send me a mail, post a comment, start a thread in the place from whence you came, or whatever, I’ll get back to you.

Incredibly my charity still haven’t sorted out a more commission efficient method of processing your hard earned cash. I’ll be back in the New Year to those of you who I know who haven’t had the pleasure of contributing yet, doing the virtual equivalent of the grim reaper stood at the end of your desk wielding a charity form and demanding money with menaces.

**STOP PRESS ** We are finally back in the scrounging business, VirginMoneyGiving are at last on online with our worthy cause, so if you haven’t stumped up yet I’m coming for you well you don’t think I signed up to LinkedIn to make business proposals do you, really ?.



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12 responses to “Spamtastic

  1. Galaktik Travel

    Very very interesting post..I like this one. gotta bookmark this one.

    • Lester

      In view of the subject mater of this post, I guess I have to allow this one.

      • Lester

        a few too many people clicked on this, I zapped his link but it still turns up on the margin, but if I make another comment post it will go away.
        Dont you just hate those moderators ….

  2. DoguePeeteBok

    I am often searching for brandnew blogposts in the WWW about this theme. Thanks!

    • Lester

      that should read “I am often spamming other people’s blogs with a url that doesn’t work”
      still, uncannily appropriate none the less.

  3. skk

    There are so many points in the base post that I just have to respond to !

    1. Avoid Agra ? Hey, I spent a little of my childhood at the major Indian Air force base there – you knock it I’ll sic the Canberras, Hunters and Gnats on to you! Oops – Brit planes I know- but this was 40 years ago – a mere 1o or so years after Indian independence. There is that other monument to human aesthetics there too – the Taj – no, not the bloody hotel chain.

    2. yeah, we need some real Europeans on this trip. I’ve had great times in my life with the Elka, Renee, Stefan, Elena’s of this world.

    3. But why stop there – why not Palestinians, Nigerians, Thais, Zambians of this world too ? I’m reaching out to some about doing this trip and so let’s see how that pans out.

    4. Xmas is fun ! Who stole Xmas from you huh ? Hell(!) I’d go to Christmas Eve midnight mass if I could find a good Catholic or Brit high-church one in my area. I certainly have the lights on at our place. To plug my neighborhood, Lafayette CO ( yeah LaFayette was the guy who was quite crucial in winning that American Independence War ( never mind the Injuns of course ) – here’s a link to a neighbor who does a site ( with CB and other highly localized radio at that ) where you can controls their Xmas lights.

    What else ? O yeah, Feliz Navidad to you too – here’s a youtube to a really annoying, all pervasive in the US, song on that theme


    • Lester

      Not sure why I had to approve that, I thought you were at liberty to post stuff, I’m quite happy to let you stick posts up actually, in fact I’ll go let you do that now.
      Anyway, I wondered when someone was going to have a go at me for slagging off Agra. As if my “avoid at all costs” is going to dissuade anyone from going to probably the worlds number one tourist trap. But my Bharatpur is a real find, it’s only about an hour away in the car, you do fatepuri on the way in. And you can do Deeg as well from there which is so super cool.
      Anyhow, dig my Deeg, it’s so cool
      Dig my Deeg

  4. skk

    That is a hell of a shot – don’t tell me YOU took that. I’m gonna weep in my coffee – adding photography to my expanding list of things “other people do wayyyy better than me”.

    That’s a seriously good photograph, Mark.


  5. Awesome photo.

    Mods……there’s good reason to block the thread, the main one being……”If you allowed that thread, why wont you allow mine?

    And believe me, as an ex mod (indiamike) it happens a lot, it’s so much easier to just ban ‘first post adds’, the trick is, to post 5 or 6 posts before starting your thread.


    If you allowed 1 full day in Delhi it would allow people to visit Agra, it would also allow people to go up to Baramula and catch up the main group in Delhi.

    Another one, some of the group can get off the train at a station called Makhu (11:03), then go and visit the Golden Temple (60kms away) and catch the train/taxi up at Pathankot (16:30), it’s 107kms from Amritsar to Pathankot.

    Should give 90 minutes at the Golden Temple.

    I can see how things like the Golden Temple and the Taj Mahal could make the whole tour more appealing to foreigners.

    Can we change our trains on the Assam-Chennai sector to allow a 5-6 hour stay in Bhubaneshwar (for Sun Temple)? Ah, the mind boggles at possibilities all over the route…..

    • Lester

      We’ll reconvene the steering committee in the new year and reassess the objectives. The original argument was that we don’t want it to look too sissy. I’m more inclined to make provision for rail excursions. I would also guess that there wont be too many of us who haven’t done the Taj at least once. Indeed, is there anyone who has been to India more than once who hasn’t done it ?. If we’ve got any virgins on the train they are surely going to be zonked round about Ahmedabad anyway.
      Golden Temple though might be a a legitimate option for anyone deciding that the risk of decapitation in Kashmir is beyond the pale.
      I checked out Bhubaneswar, it’s actually a far more sensible idea as we’d then get into Chennai at a far more sane 09:40, i.e we gain this sun temple and lose nothing, I’ll go change the itinerary now. Oh damn and blast that 12:00 dep from BBS is tue and thu only, we’re in town on wed :((.
      With my latest estimates souring towards 3 figures (I’ve got +30 now on the provisional list) I do like the horrendously complex multiple paths idea. Size counts. I’ve been touting the Assam bit as a stand alone feature though I’ve not had as much take up on that as I’d expected, may be it will get some traction (geddit) in the new year.
      Maybe anyone wanting to do some sight-seeing could do some serious cheating and take to the skies. If they still did all the corners they’d certainly feel like they’d done something non-standard.

      Anyway, no one is in charge ;), lets see what we all think after Christmas when we can all start to genuinely ink up our diaries.

  6. skk

    Talking of the multiple paths aspect – if my s/w, I’m still saying if but as time goes by I’m getting really very confident that this sh*t works – so as my s/w works I can generate all sorts of schedules to meet all sorts of needs.

    It bloody amazed me today – I’d posed it the question of how to leave as early after 10 am on a Monday as possible from MUM ( my made up super-station meaning MUMbai, which encompasses DR, PNVL, BCT, CSTM etc) to go to DEL ( my made up super -station for DELhi – which encompasses, DEE, NDLS, NZM etc, ) and it promptly came up not only with train # 2925 leaving Bandra at 11:25, but even though that goes all the way to NDLS, arriving at 10:55 the next day, it also reckoned one should hop off at KOTA, at 2:10, wait till 3:20 and hop on to the 2951 to get to NDLS at 8:30 – a full two hours ahead of the other one.

    Clever s/w no ? Of course if it was truly clever it would have seen that one could just hang around in MUMbai till 16:40 and caught the the 2951 right there ! :-).

    But its only as clever as I make it and its only going to get better.

    You know – I’m getting my rocks off and getting to be close to India just doing all this s/w sh*t – makes me think – why bother with all the aggro of actually travelling ! – almost want to pull a H.R. Keating on you all – you know he wrote these amazingly realistic detective novels about a Inspector Ghote in Mumbai – yet he’d never even been to India ! just read the bus and the local train timetables and winged his way through it.


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