GCIRC Think Tank Meeting

The steering committee will be convening at Khan’s in Westbourne Grove at 7:00PM on Tuesday 2nd February.

Photo by Bellaphon

If you happen to live in the south east of the UK, and can make it, you’d be most welcome. If you have any issues you wish to be  raised in the minutes please jot them down either in here or on the thread on IndiaMike. Things being discussed will include our ride aboard the “Uttar Banga Express” (you just couldn’t make it up could you), and loads of weird timetabling stuff. Actually, we are going to need WiFi obviously ….  I can’t see any mention of that on their site.

Bellaphon has provided us with a great review of Khan’s

Stop Press: Khan’s doesn’t do alcohol anymore, and there’s this WiFi issue, so we may reconsider this. But it stands for now.



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2 responses to “GCIRC Think Tank Meeting

  1. skk

    Hey..put the meetup online so I can log in.

    Separately, I have 2 more on the people on my list of potential travelers – 1 I will name – Surinder, she’s a Prof. in a social sciences subject at a B’ham Uni.

    This list is getting bigger innit ? I tell ya – when you first mentioned this stuff, I suggested going for a BHAG ( Big Hairy Audacious Idea – insert usual US self-help book which I won’t promote ) and to plan for hiring a bloody entire train.

    You can easily fill up a bogey so far, my man. Well done.

    I’m working hard on improving the nationality ratios on this trip. It will be dead cool to have Nigerians, Arabs, Brazilians etc on this trip.


    • Lester

      here’s a LatAm one I posted (I’ve over 50 of these that I check about once a week)
      edit the latam site zapped me
      got a few hits but no replies.

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