Expect The Unexpected

The budget takes a bit longer to sink in than I’d expected, so the next in my series of blog bumping, SEO enhancing, tittle tattle is a tale of the unexpected.

It’s statistically unlikely that anything really nasty might befall us, so I’ve avoided giving any air time to people who only do what they do for the air time. But at the same time it’s a racing certainty that we might encounter something odd along the way on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

Here are some of the unexpected things that can happen on Indian Railways

We aren’t scheduled to pass through Lucknow, but I’m inclined to rip up the entire plan just to make contact with this guy.

  • Monkey ManIndian railway employs ‘monkey-man’ to protect passengers

To the best of my knowledge none of our lady entrants will be expectant, but we should perhaps keep an eye on anyone who might be

Even small trains usually weigh at least 30 tons, ours will almost all weigh 10 times that, so man power probably won’t be an option, but be warned.

We can always recruit this guy if we get stuck


Now don’t you wish you could do this next time they decide to whack another 10% on your season ticket ?

  • Angry Rail Passengers Torch Train An angry mob in northern India has torched a train and a station to protest against a new rail schedule

Of course don’t expect trains to stop for you when they aren’t scheduled to do so, especially if it’s a  super fast express. Please don’t try to do this at home.

Holy Cow! Note that there is a general bovine right of way across most of India, this isn’t a rare occurrence.

There probably isn’t a railway in the world that hasn’t had to dismiss a driver for falling asleep on the job. But perhaps only in India will the driver choose to back up the two stations he missed in order to let everyone get to where they were intending. Now that’s what I call service!.

You will be expected to have a valid ticket before boarding the GCIRC express.

Our journey along the Arunachal line could involve some substantial wildlife. Fortunately for them, and us, there’s people who are on the case. This is a long clip but if you’ve got 5 it’s worth it.

I don’t think we can expect to meed David Niven, mores the pity. I’m sure he’d have been quite at home with the entire project.

If anyone knows what the bridge is about 1’40” into that clip, please let me know.


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