Anti-Social Networking

Facebook users, click here

With Facebook now claiming to be bigger than Google, I thought it about time I opened up one of those worthless “join my group, spam your friends” campaigns. I figured that if everyone I ever met joins up and then spams their entire contacts list, then such an admirable project as this should have several googolplexes worth of avid fans within a few hours. All I’m asking for here is 2 miserable clicks on a site you are already on.  And I know you’re on cos half of you seem to update your status more often then you exhale. But, despite an increasingly desperate and aggressive promotional campaign, I still haven’t reached a close knit 100 or so kind souls prepared to embarrass themselves by joining the group. I am now turning to the nation’s youth in a pathetic bid to get my friend’s children to spam their school networks. We’ve passed he 100 mark now, largely due to the recruitment of child labour, but for goodness sake, it’s two clicks, just hit THIS .

I’ve come round to the slow-burner approach to fund raising. If we can put up a decent effort  for the DIY train travel show, meets Big Brother, meets video diaries of a mid life crisis, on-line media event that we’re planning, then I might be able to stuff enough advertising on the site to keep a class room in Calcutta supplied with pencils and blackboard chalk.  But I really do need to get the Facebook group up and over a self endorsing figure of about 1,000.  I can then shamelessly spam the entire membership list as we pull out of Mumbai and get a marketing boost.

If you’d like to help turbo-charge the event, just click the link below and press join, it’s that easy!/group.php?gid=372971199730

Over Planning Department – Go With The Flow

I’ve made my first stab at flow charting the whole expedition. This is partly just an act of ridiculous over planning. But, as something is virtually certain to go wrong, it will be nice to know that we did everything in our power to anticipate it and were still bowled out helpless at the crease by an Indian leg breaker.

Here is what it looks like. Click on the image if you are curious enough to see the detail, and happen to have a working knowledge of the Indian railways timetable, including train numbers and station codes (I know people that do!, you’ll have to cross reference it with this site if you dont). Or you just want to see a badly drawn flowchart. There’s quite a lot of work to do on it, followed be a process of beautification, but there are at least 2 of you out there who will want to see what the basic outline looks like.



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2 responses to “Anti-Social Networking

  1. Murli cbe

    Is there some way this flow chart can be enlarged in my PC? 😦 myopia 😦 [cry]

  2. Lester

    click on it. you’ll prob then get a tiny picture, but you should be able to click on it again and get one stupidly large.
    if it doesnt work out, i.e. you still cant read it, let me know and I’ll try and cook one that works.

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