Children Are The Future

I haven’t really got very much to say this week, though the facebook group membership is dangerously close to being an acceptable 150.  This has been achieved largely through the recruitment of child labour. A certain Jake Goodman in particular has rounded up almost 25% of the membership, and Reading Grammar school will be providing a constant stream of recruits courtesy of my own man on the inside.

I’ve had some more interest from the crazy guys at charity rallies. They are stupidly busy doing their usual stupid things right now, but I’m hopeful that we’ll get at least a couple of them to turn up in Assam on an Enfield Bullet as part of a Road versus Rail challenge. I already have contact with a couple of guys in the Digboi area who like riding about Assam on their dirty great big Japanese bikes, it’s clearly a favoured mode of transport out there. The refinery at Digboi is a possible spot for a half way party on the trip, especially if we get the bikers on the case. The Ledo/Tipong end of things is actually at the foot of the Burma road of WW II fame, built by Gen. Joseph Stilwell. Just doing part of that would interest any self respecting epic road journey fanatic.

Anyhow, I only really wanted to make a post today to stick up a picture I dug up recently. It’s  my best ever “kids meets trains” photo. Hope you like it. And remember, if you haven’t joined the group yet, as Harvey Keitel would have put it,  “please, pretty please with sugar on it, join the  group”.

Just click here, it’s FREE!!!!

It always helps if you stick your tongue out at them


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