Marketing Coup

About.Com, who have a really good India blog,  have been groovy enough to do a post about the project As a direct result of this, and a couple of other coincidences and some extra help from the good people of Madchester, we’ve had about 6 or more new recruits in the space of a bank holiday weekend, a healthy increase in PV’s on this site, and an extra 50 members of the facebook group. My estimate of how many will be booking tickets has nudged back up over a manageable 20 going on to a mobile riot of  anything up to 50. I’ve been pushing the envelope about elsewhere also, so stay tuned. And thanks again to everyone who has joined the group, and especially if you’ve set your status or better still messaged your mates.

Upon surfing for some appropriate marketing content for this week  I came across the Slumdog Millionaire Series from Easy Tours of India. Their 3 day tour of Mumbai  includes an “optional tour of a Mumbai slum”, and it’s just a snip at about $600 for the “Deluxe” tour. that means  standard, and yes, that’s US dollars!. Or you can shell out over a grand and go “Opulent” class, whatever the heck an opulent tour of a Mumbai slum could possibly mean. You get a few other things for your money too,  otherwise I’d be having a proper hissy fit over this, but they don’t seem to be offering any of your spondoolies back if the film studios are on strike. Note that the rough costing for 15 days and 12,000 km of GCIRC is about $300-$400, including hiring a steam train!.

And here’s a nice photograph of a market on a station platform in Manamadurai, Tamil Nadu, right on a line we’ll be doing from Rameswaram to Madurai.

Ramewaram to Madurai, everything goes on down on the platform

Photo by Dave Rawlinson


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