The Perfect Christmas Present

Quite a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes over the last few weeks. None of which I am at liberty to discuss with you.

What I can tell you is that you can now go to here and equip yourself with the ideal gift for Yuletide for you or your loved ones.  At only £4.95 including postage and packaging for the t-shirt (all sizes available) , or £2.50 for the mug,  what could be more perfecter or Christmasier ?. And it’s yet another opportunity for me to hone my SEO blog post titling skills.

It looks a lotter better in the flesh, believe me. I'll get a better photo sorted later.

The shirt is also available internationally via red bubble, though UK customers will be paying over 3 times as much. Once again, can I stress, no money goes to charity from the sales of the shirts, it’s just too fiddly unless you are a huge operation. That, and Simon’s generosity and professionalism, are the two reasons it’s so bloody cheap. As such, you are more than welcome to use this, or any of the other designs that we came up with during the extensive research and development program, and get your own run off locally. I have a contact in Mumbai who is able to make these also, but you’ll have to collect them yourself. If you do feel compelled to top up the price of the shirt, then I’m sure you can work out where my Virgin Money Giving page is, but it’s really not obligatory, else you’d be defrauding the inland revenue! .

More info is on the t-shirt page here .


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