All Aboard!

Things are about to change around here in the next few hours as this show hit’s the railwoad. After 18 months of endless interaction on as many social networking media that I have been able to fathom, litterally tens of thousands of emails and forum postings, and a few too many hours trying to second guess as many potential pitfalls as possible, the moment of truth is upon everyone daft enough to get sucked into this. 5 years since I first posted the idea on the indian train geeks forum (IRFCA), 7 Brits, 4 Americans, 3 Aussies, a Bulgarian a Singaporee and even an Indian!, are all convened here in Mumbai ready for blast off. No one else in the group knows more than a couple of other people at most, often nobody, and few of them have even spoken to anyone else on the trip, even on the internet, till we hit Cafe Universal last night. So far no one has fallen out with anyone else.

I’m all connected up with my USB dongle thingy I just bought for 25 quid, and for that price in theory I can tweet to my hearts content 24 hours a day round the entire trip, with the exception of Jammu where such pre-paid internet access is deemed to be a threat to national security.

We also have Christine Gilbert and her almost fearless blog giving a daily account

And the Fogg blog

It’s now 5:30am local time , and I’m slightly the worse for wear after our inital meet and greet drinking seassion last night, and in a room with just a few too many people in it. The tweet rate on the blog is now going to go haywire depending on what’s just happened, or more likely gone wrong.

More news and views  as we get it, iin the mean time, here’s a picture of a circular building to be going on with


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  1. Have a wonderful train song filled trip 😀

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