We Have Lift Off

We are on the move. Currently just left Lakhtar, not a clue where that is but it’s somewhere in Gujurat. If you can read this then you can work that out yourself.

The band came, played, for about 3 minutes, then some nice men with large sticks and green uniforms turned up and told us we hadnt asked for “permission” and that it wasnt fair. How much “permission” would have cost didnt get discussed as the band ran off. We stopped them clearing off completely and continued the party just outside the station.

Those of us wise enough to join the tiffin club were suitably smug once aboard the Saurashtra mail. Not only was our dinner quite delicious, but the train wasnt offering nourishment of any kind anyway.

I’ll have a professionally taken photograph of the band, who turned up replete in Trumpton firebrigade outfits, once the main man has woken up.

Photo by Tim Steadman
Photo by Tim Steadman (the main man regarding matters of a photographic nature)

We have loads of great video of the band, including lots of footage of some fat guy dancing. Once we can get some decent bandwidth we’ll get them youtubed for your enjoyment,
To be continued …



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5 responses to “We Have Lift Off

  1. Keep us posted, I am hooked.

  2. Ryan

    And so it begins! All the best mates 🙂

  3. Mike Efstathiou

    Best of luck everybody!
    I shall be following your adventures closely. hopefully t-shirt will arrive in Cyprus before you end the trip so at leasrt I can wear it, read the blog, and be with you in spirit. My mug isn’t arriving till May when my brother comes over, but I will drink chai to you in a RNLI one instead.

    Toodle pip!

  4. So day one starts with the authorities getting involved: let’s hope it doesn’t continue like this 🙂

  5. Dave W

    Great stuff guys. Only thirteen (or is it 14) more days to go. See you in Siliguri.

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