Der Führer: Day 6 – Delhi

Well we got to Delhi on the Uttar Sampark Kranti, despite the silly sod of a conductor who tried to ruin it all. I was going to name and shame him, with a photo to boot, but as he’s got a heck of a sight more to lose than I have on this so I’ve forgiven him, and after all it’s given John full deity status and everyone else anecdotal blog fodder. The other expletive deleted aint got no website though.

Captain Shakti
Our Hero: John “Captain Shakti” Hasted

Next issue was my need to communicate the fact that I’ve had enough of providing such a disparate range of budgets with washing facilities. what it takes to organise and run something like this, and the fact that I’m not making a solitary bean out of the whole thing, quite the reverse in fact. Anyway, I put on my ruthless dictator hat when we hit the platform. We’ll have to see how far the message went in as I doubt many of them understand a word I say, colonial types rarely can decipher Oldhamese.
After a quick shower I then had to dash out to get a new sim card. Not sure what the heck has gone wrong with the Mumbai one, I’ll discuss that on Indiamike when I get back if you really need to know about that.
A minor spin off from this excursion to the Vodafone shop was getting to see some massive trade union demo round Connaught Place (well I said minor), and also scoffing down two sausage and egg McMuffins, which is cheating I know but I deserve it.
After a second more thorough visit to the shower, it was then time again to climb on-board. New Delhi station is humongous, and of course our platform was right at the opposite end of the station, so we all bustled our way over the bridge to platform 16, and the glorious luxury of the Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express. All the food is free on here, and they come round with chai and water and even biscuits. A couple of gin and tonics would be nice, but you cant have everything.
Been on this for 10 hours now, only another 30 to go!. All the photographers have crashed out so I’ll tart up this post with some flicks later.

A bit later …..
Actually, you’ll probably have to wait a few days for photos. We are about to hit Assam and despite the promises that our pre-paid sim cards will work, I am informed by someone I trust a lot more than a Vodafone sales rep that there’s no way it will. So the next you’ll hear will be from Darjeeling on Saturday.



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5 responses to “Der Führer: Day 6 – Delhi

  1. Ryan Correa

    Well ‘Shakti’ does mean STRENGTH, POWER India and so kudos to John for sticking it to the sods.

  2. Ryan Correa

    Well ‘Shakti’ does mean STRENGTH. POWER etc…. in India so kudos to John for sticking it to those sods.

  3. Michele

    Thanks for the photo of John “Captain Shakti” Hasted. I’m going to frame it and put it on my mantelpiece! Tell the Captain he might want to get a haircut before his return as I’m sure there will be a group of paparazzi waiting for him at Heathrow…

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  5. I have actually printed out the picture and turned it into a shrine… 😉
    And I like the hair.

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