Der Führer: Day 7 On-board the Dibrugarh Rajhdani

And we’re back from pre-paid mobile internet free Assam. So here cometh a blog blitz.

Currently parked at a place called Betgara. Internet coverage has been patchy, then it went off completely. Kothander and another nice Indian bloke had to call up Vodafone for me to get things working again. Everyone seems to now be acclimatised to perpetual railway motion, and are cock-a-hoop with the airline waiter service being provided.
Not a massive amount to say, we’re on a 40 hour train trip, One of the numerous advantages of hanging out on Rajdhanis is that while the windows are hardly spotless, not if you are on the opposite side of the platform and out of reach of the window-cleaning wallahs, they at least dont have that blinkin’ tinted window film stuff that they stick on the ordinary AC2 carriages. So we’ve a lovely view of the paddy fields of northern West-Bengal floating by..
I’m going to attempt my first train-loo shower a little later.
We are now entering Assam so I’m not expecting to be able to post this till Saturday, we’ll see.

The Gang
Photo By Troy Floyd


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