Der Führer: Day 15 – Last Train to Panvel

There are rajdhanis and rajdhanis it seems. This one is still better than standard express 2AC, but not a patch on the raj’ train from Delhi to Dibrugarh.
Overnight and this morning we’ve had 5 people ditch, Andrew in Ernakalum and then Todd & Lauren and Drew & Troy in Goa. I’ve lost count as we are all dotted up and down the 4 2AC coaches we have, but I think we are still 10 strong for the final 8 hours to Panvel. But for one the journey doesn’t stop there. Emily is so taken by her life on an Indian train that she is now going to stay on the train up to Delhi, then jump straight onto another train, rajdhani of course, down to Bubaneswar on the opposite side of the country (we went through there about 4 days ago). Then, before her ticket finally runs out, pop down to Bangalore. So well over 15,000 km in total I’d imagine.

Trying to get online up the Konkan is actually a nightmare, it takes about five minutes to get online, the a tunnel comes and you have to start again. John, Jason and I will be the only ones to make it up the hill at night at Matheran.

Expect a micro post in a few hours declaring the completion of the main rail route at Panvel, but after that I need to take a break from this for a few days and work out what we ended up with and what state my head is in.

And for the record, Der Führer means, literally, The Guide.



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3 responses to “Der Führer: Day 15 – Last Train to Panvel

  1. skk

    do make a note of the Parsi semi-abandoned estates ( or that’s what it looks like from the outside – very Daphne Du Maurier – Rebecca style ) as you mooch around Matheran.

    And if you get a chance, ask what’s its all about ? Who owns these properties in the deshabilee ( sp) state – and why are they in this state,

    • Lester

      I only asked about this later, after dark. They are still there. I’ll ask Shiavax at Lord’s if he knows who owns them.
      Why they haven’t been restored beats me, there is enough money up there, we spent £70 for 2 nights, including beer of course.

  2. Ann

    Well done, Mark & the rest of the gang (but especially Mark for all the logistics & the idea)! It’s been great fun following you all on the blogs, IndiaMike & in Samit’s atlas. I’ll be missing my fix of your travels for a few days, I expect…

    And it’s pushing me to really get around to organising my next trip to India, rather than saying “Next year…”.


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