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Touch Down

Good morning from idillyc litter free Matheran. I’ll be doing an extensive rant about litter once I’ve got my head back together.
Landed at Panvel round about on time, and arrived in this delightful place 3 hours later. Too buggered to do anythingn else.
Everyone who made it round (and we only had one retirement, though a sad loss to the gang) had an amazing time. The age range was from about 20 to 60 years, and with a roughly corresponding budget range.
So basically it ended up like some land based cruise tour, for about £300 all in for 15 days. Not a challenge at all. So in your faces those so called hardcore railfans who said “cant be done, not in comfort anyway”. 16 people, most of them new to India let alone indian railways, did it pretty easily. You could do it better still by starting with what we’ve worked out and improving the few bits that didnt work as good.

Many thanks to Steven in particular for helping out especially with many of the imaginative ideas. It’s a shame we never got to do Dhemaji, but then just one night in Darjeeling would have caused a mutiny I feel sure.
I lost my temper quite a few times, so nothing new there. Apologies those who got the thick end.
If my wife and family, who I now miss very much, ever let me do anything like this again, it will be back to the usual 4 blokes.



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