GlobeTrooper:Touchdown – The Final Days

We travelled over 12,000 kilometers; that’s 3,000 more than the Trans-Siberian. On 15 different trains; from general class, all the way to 2AC. To 12 towns and cities; the Easternmost, Northernmost, Westernmost and Southernmost railway stations of India. With 20 undeniably crazy people; from Australia, US, UK, Singapore, Bulgaria and India. All in 15 days; with only two nights spent on stationary ground.

We did it! And it really was an epic adventure that only cost a couple of hundred dollars.

The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge was never meant to be a relaxing tour. People often asked why we were in such a rush, why we didn’t take more time, and why we planned to spend so much time on trains.

The simple answer is that it was a challenge. But more than that, it was a chance to see some of the most remote parts of India through the lens of train travel in a timeframe that allowed an eclectic group to skip their homely commitments to do it together.

Steven, GCIRC Chief Technical Officer

read Todd’s full post here

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