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The Aggregated Gilbert

I did ask, with feeling, that our two American blogsters inform me, via the facebook group page, of their postings so I could aggregate them. I suppose I should have known better than to expect compliance. Anyway, I do get a thank you in Drew’s blog, and a generous “something I will remember for the rest of the life” which is actually worth far more than either.
Here’s some of Drew’s account. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to tell Floyd what the difference is between a Mogul and a Mongol. OK they are of the same root, but I cant believe it was deliberate.

GCIRC Day 3 – Riding the rails

I mistakenly thought that our first train, a 19 hour ride up to Dwarka, was our longest trip in the circuit. I was wrong though, there are at least two longer rides, and today I was on one of them – a 24 hour slog from Ahmedabad Jn. to Makhu. (5 actually)

GCIRC Day 4 – The one where Drew craps his brains out
Drew is, um, unavailable for today’s post, so he’s left it to his wife (Christine) to finish his update for him….

GCIRC Day 4 pt 2 – Delhi Belly: Just another statistic, man.
The lesson here, kids, is to come prepared better than I was. I was cocky. I was positive I wouldn’t need any sort of drugs to help me in a pinch, and as a result, I was at the mercy of my co-riders willingness to dip into their own resources to help me….

GCIRC Day 5 – Udhampur: computing, party crashing, getting thrown off a train, etc
If it wasnt for John, at the very least you would have lost Assam, and spent the other side of 50 dollars catching up. I reckon that makes him your hero

GCIRC Day 6 – New Delhi: not so scary after all
I’ve also bought another package of baby wipes. The first batch suited me well, so I will continue with those…..

GCIRC Day 7 – I love this train
Writing this on the New Delhi – Dibrugarh Rajdhani, or The Rajdhani Express- my favorite train of the trip so far……

GCIRC Day 8: I hate Assam. I love Assam.
I promise to read at least some of Mark’s instructions about the trip, and in particular stuff about Internet connectivity, if I am ever lucky enough to be invited on another of these events

GCIRC Days 9-11: Darjeeling – Welcome to Gorkhaland
We have reached the half way point of our little jaunt around India, and with two days in Darjeeling, everyone is meant to rest up and recharge their batteries. Whether or not that worked out as planned, you would have to ask the others, but from my point of view, everyone seems to have lost a bit of that early pep that we had at the beginning of this trip…..

GCIRC Day 12: Kolkata, and the art of passive travel
If you are going to be the passive traveler, you do not get to complain about where you travel…….

GCIRC Day 14: Rameswaram, elephants in Hindu temples and getting drunk

Who ate all the samosas?


GCIRC Day 16: The Finale.
I would like to thank Mark for organizing this trip, something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Most of Drew’s posts can be found in his The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge archive here


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