Suhana Safar: GCIRC Photos

Here are links to Kothanda’s photo blog of the trip. As a confirmed member of the Gentleman’s Club (which actually included 2 women), KS finished the trip just as clean as he started, and like the rest of the well washed members of the trip could have carried on much further. He was also delightful company and as the only native to cover the whole 360 degrees was a great help at almost every step.
Thanks for everything.

Suhana Safar: GCIRC Page

Flickr Collection of all the photos

Mumbai Dwarka




Margherita Eco-Lodge






Trivandrum – Panvel

Truly Golden Temple


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One response to “Suhana Safar: GCIRC Photos

  1. shymom

    It was exciting following the GCIRC with all of you.. The pictures are awesome! Thank you!

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