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The Ultimate Railway Challenge ?

If you have arrived here and now want to know why I organised  this for a whole bunch of people I’d never even met, please visit Railway Children

If you think you already know what the world’s greatest railway journey is, watch us put something even more spectacular than our incredible Indian odyssey together, it’s all in  The Great Circular European Railway Challenge.

And if you want to see what people who have just spent 2 weeks solid on Indian Railways on a journey that I was told categorically couldn’t be done without serious consequences, take a look at this great photo from Emily, who stayed on the train and kept going for another 5 days.

The Survivors

Most of the people on that photo, and everyone who got off in Goa earlier in the day, had never been on an Indian long distance back to back train trip before. Indeed, all the people missing from that photo had never even been in India before this trip!. So what are you waiting for ?


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