Doing something as stupendously ridiculous as this requires a good excuse. So we’ve got an excellent one in these guys

If you want a straight talking analysis of why Railway Children are a cause worth supporting, watch this

Slumdog Children of Mumbai

You don’t have to raise money for railway children, If you have another charity that you are involved with I will gladly promote it here. Stoychko is involved with Step for Bulgaria

You can find more about it here

If you want to raise money yourself, it’s really easy to set up your own donations page for your own friends to donate through, I will gladly publicize you in here.

During the event, courtesy of the digital cellular age we live in, we intend to keep the blog tweeting away like a distressed budgie, with updates,  geographical data, and plenty of photos of where we are, who’s on the train, and of course what the all important number of the locomotive is. Your friends, relatives or persecutors will be able to track your every movement.

We’ve finally worked out what the t-shirt looks like, and who to print it. You can get all the details on the t-shirt page. It’s actually quite fiddly to collect charity bucks while selling t-shirts, no one can actually do this, you’d have to pay me then trust me to send the dosh on. So we’ve just concentrated on getting the price as close to nothing as possible, (if you can buy any kind of t-shirt for under £4.75 inc p&p you are a better man than I)  you can then go to my Virgin Giving page and cough up a few quid should you wish.

The T-Shirt page

How do I sign up ?

Theres nobody actually in charge, so there’s no signing to do, by anybody. But if you want to join in you can join the discussion forum on IndiaMike or any of the forums listed on the right, post a comment in here, or if you are a nasty e-marketing bot you can spam me to death at


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