Here’s an accurate version of the route using Google earth. Click on the map to see more detail. This map will end up with literally hundreds of pictures, videos, and links to posts and relevant information. Click on the image to enlarge.


You can look at the route in detail via Google Maps. You’ll have to click on the view larger map link in order to see the full route, Google maps can only show sections at a time.



And the Globetroopers have done this one,


And here’s the original rough graphic that has served it’s purpose as my avatar



How do I sign up ?

Theres nobody actually in charge, so there’s no signing to do, by anybody. But if you want to join in you can join the discussion forum on IndiaMike, or any of the forums listed on the right, post a comment in here, or if you are a nasty e-marketing bot you can spam me to death at


4 responses to “Map

  1. Jim

    I love the idea and have always wanted to visit India. Such a worthy cause too.

    I am 65 and have a heart complaint for which I take regular medication. Would I be a liability? My main concern would be falling ill out there. What insurance would I need?

    • Lester

      Morning Jim,
      We’ve quite a few Oldies on board, in fact to the best of my knowledge only say 20% so far are under 40, though I expect that to even out a bit as we move into the attention span of the “youngies”. I’m no insurance broker, or travel agent, so I haven’t a clue what you need for that. We’ll probably work out escape routes at each point. i.e. where the nearest airport is, so people who’ve had enough and will gladly pay 100 quid to be somewhere else, can do just that.
      But to answer your basic point, no you’re not liability, cos I’m not accepting any liability for anything. So if you reckon you can handle it then climb on board. But don’t believe the adverts. India is many things, but Bollywood only exists in the cinemas, and in certain pats of Switzerland (anyon been up the Jungfraujoch recently >).

  2. Oops, saw this one a bit late.

    Hello Jim, and welcome to the group.

    I agree with Lester, India isn’t at all what one would expect it to be, and that applies to the good as well as the bad, we all love it and will tell everyone that it’s the only place to go, but a trip is never easy nor without hickups, but on the plus side, I truelly believe that the vast majority of the myths about India are just false or blown right out of proportion.

    What heart condition?

    My girlfriend has Angina (is that technically a heart condition?), so I’ve give a lot of thought about taking her to India, and whilst I know we’ll need to be on our guard, I have no problems taking her for her first visit to India, though I’d advise anyone to take 2 lots of full medication with them and keep them in seperate places (give one lot to someone else).

    The train tour sounds fast and hectic, but there’s very little chance of having to sprint down a platform trying to jump on a moving train, the most likely form of stress will be sitting on a stationary train waiting to be alloted a platform, but sitting there for hours when we have a connecting train waitling in the platform.

    In India we seem to build our own stress levels, so much so, that it’s always easy to spot a first timer by the way they react to delays and queues.

    The escape routes are a good idea, and quite easy to organise.

    I’ve a feeling we’ll end up with quite a large group, with many experienced India hands and loads of locals, and I feel sure you’ll have a better experience than if you travelled in a (very) expensive tour, so give the idea some serious thought and come back with any questions or worries you have, we all had similar worries before we first visited India.

  3. Lester

    The young and trendy people of Mumbai and elsewhere have started to stir. So if you’re not an oldie and dont have a heart condition, dont worry, there will be others like you on board. But if you do, we always had you covered.
    Check the group out at

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