Important Notice: all photos on this site belong to someone else, apart from the odd few that are actually mine. All rights are reserved and unauthorized use of any of these pictures is prohibited.

I have plundered a collection of groovy photos to help add some razmataz to the site during the extensive pre-amble and fund raising phase. Many thanks again to all the kind artists who have been more than happy for me to use their work. All these pics belong to someone, so just cos I’ve used them please don’t just rip them off yourself before contacting the owner.  There’s some others I wanted to use but as the owners were clearly professional and didn’t respond I had to at least show some integrity on that front.

To date I’ve used the following

Photo by Subhabrata Chattopadhyay


copied with kind permission of IRFCA for charity purposes

Photo by Richard Arden

Oops, Richard isnt on flickr anymore and I’ve lost his details. I did contact him several years ago when I first had this idea and he said it was cool. Richard, I’m trying to find you so I can give you a link through.

Photo by Nimboo

Photo by Motographer

Photo by James Barker

Photo by Susana Millman

Photo by Dougie Brown

Photo by Rajdeep

Photo by Sebastien Banuls

Photo by Bertrand Celce,

Photo by Nicolas Holzheu

Photo by Jishnu Nandy

Photo by Aveejeet

Photo by Roopesh Kohad

Photo byKals picks

Photo by Paulthy

Photo by “Double Bass Player”

Photo by Me!

Ramewaram to Madurai, everything goes on down on the platform

Photo by Dave Rawlinson

Photo by Helmut Schadt

Photo by Matey

Kalbadevi, By Neeraj Datta

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Theres nobody actually in charge, so there’s no signing to do, by anybody. But if you want to join in you can join the discussion forum on IndiaMike, or any of the forums listed on the right, post a comment in here, or if you are a nasty e-marketing bot you can spam me to death at


3 responses to “Photos

  1. Bill Veloz

    Might well be interested in this. I will be 64 then, never been to India, work on the railways here, and, according to my wife travelling every day on trains is just what I like ! Would like also the opportunity to see some of the sights en route, but I haven’t looked at the route in detail.

    • Lester

      Bill, we’ve sexed up the itinerary quite a bit, you get the Golden Temple, plus a chance of seeing some of the best banana shaped hats going in Dharamshala, and if you’re really keen you could even do a mad dash to Agra and get a few minutes at the worlds most famous monument.
      Have you had a chance to look at the plan recently ?

  2. Lester

    Just checking the legacy comments out. Banana shaped hats are out :(, but if you ever wanted to worship at Krishna’s temple in Dwarka, and Rama’s temple in Rameswaram, plus Amrtisar for good measure, and the some epic trains traveling of course, look no further.

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