Here is the plan. At this stage in the day it’s not going to change, you can use this to book your seats if you are booking independently. If you are getting an IndRail from Shankar all you have to do is quote this project.

If you have done any of our proposed route in the last couple of years, and have a write up of it anywhere, please let me know, I’d love to stick a link to it on our Trip Reports.

Start Mumbai Central Station, Friday Evening, February 18th, 2011

18/02 Friday dep Mumbai20:25 9005 Saurashtra Mail (961km)

19/02 Saturay arr Dwarka 15:07, taxi to Jamnagar, dep Jamnagar 23:24  9216 Saurashtra Express (464km)

20/02 Sunday arr Ahmedabad 06:00, dep Ahmedabad 11:10, 9223 Ahmedabad-Jammu Tawi Express (1184km)

21/02 Monday arr Jalandhar 12:45, dep Jalandhar 15:10  1057 Amritsar Express arr Amritsar 16:30 (theres loads later if the ADI-JAT is late, alternatively  Makhu 11:03 and taxi to Amritsar for 13:00)

22/02 Tuesday dep Amritsar 01:10 am 9225 Bhatinda-Jammu Express (267 km) Arr Jammu 06:25,  dep Jammu 10:10 am 4033 Jammu Mail rest at Pine Villas, dep Udhampur 19:05  2446 Uttar Sampark Kranti (630km)

23/02 Wednesday arr New Delhi 06:25, dep New Delhi 14:00 2424 New Delhi-Dibrugarh Town Rajdhani (2396km)

24/02 Thursday on Board


most people are doing this

25/02 Friday arr New Tinsukia 03:35, (will probably stay on till Dibrgarh as long as it’s not late) dep New Tinsukia 08:40 905NFR Dibrugarh-Ledo Passenger (57km) arr Ledo 10:45, Tipong Colliery, chartered bus to Dibrugarh. Then back to Tinsukia. dep Tinsukia 20:05  12435 Dibrugarh Rajdhani

26/02 Saturday Arr New Jalpaiguri 11:55, taxi to Darjeeling


Do the colliery then finish Friday in Diburgarh and sleep, then go for the Arunachal, This looks unlikely though.

26/02 Saturday taxi to Bogibeel, the ferry stuff, bus/4×4 to Dhemaji, dep Dhemaji 18:38 5814 Arunachal Express (366km)

27/02 Sunday arr Rangiya 05:05, dep Rangiya 07:27 2510 Guwahati-Bangalore City Express (361km) arr New Jalpaiguri 14:05 (several later trains if we are late), taxi to Darjeeling


Murli and Steve, and may some more of us, are going to get back to Dibrugarh for 18:30 in order to do

25/02 Friday Dep Dibrugarh Town 18:30 15902 Dibrugarh-Yesvantpur Express

26/02 Saturday arr New Jalpaiguri 14:05


28/02 Monday dep Darjeeling 09:15 2D Darjeeling-New Jalpairguri Narrow Gauge (88km) arr New Jalpaiguri 16:50, dep New Jalpaiguri 20:00 2344 Darjeeling Mail (602km)

01/03 Tuesday Arrive Sealdah 06:00, tram and ferry to Howrah,  dep Howrah 14:50 2841 Coromandal Express (1662km)

02/03 Wednesday arr Chennai Central 17:15, dep Chennai Egmore 21:40 6701 Rameswaram Express (600km)

03/03 Thursday arr Rameswaram 11:45 dep Rameswaram 20:45  2789 Rameswaram Cape Express (407km)

04/03 Friday Arr Kanniyakumari 04:05, Dep  Kanniyakumari 10:30 6525 Bangalore Express (67km) arr Trivandrum 12:45 , Coffee Break dep Trivandrum 19:15 2431 Rajdhani Express (1752km)

05/03 Saturday arr Panvel 18:05,  metro to Mumbai CST (69km).

End Mumbai “VT”  Station, Saturday Evening, March 5th, 2011

Total Rail Kilometerage 12116km


  • Ferries across the Brahmaputra and the Hoogli,
  • Over450kms worth of road on journeys from Dwarka to Porbander (100km), Makhu to Amritsar (65km), Ledo to Tipong to Dibrugarh (130km), Dibrugarh to Bogibeel ghat (20km), north bank of the Brahmaputra to Dhemaji station (50km), and New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling (90km),
  • A tram in Kolkata and a rickshaw in Chennai.

There is some inevitable backtracking at the extremities of the route, it adds up to about 1022 km, so we have over 10,900 unique kilometers, or 17.2 % of the network. The total distance covered, including road trips and backtracking, will be over  12,500 km, at an overall average of just under 35 km/h over round about exactly 15 days.

Here’s a flow chart I’m working on in case stuff goes badly wrong, you never know, do you ;). Input from any corner, especially the throng of knowledgeable IRFCA people arriving, is most welcome. It’s virtually impossible to read, it’s either too small or too big, but if you are interested I’ll mail you the .flw file.

How do I sign up ?

Theres nobody actually in charge, so there’s no signing to do, by anybody. But if you want to join in you can join the discussion forum on IndiaMike, or any of the forums listed on the right, post a comment in here, or if you are a nasty e-marketing bot you can spam me to death at


11 responses to “Route

  1. Murli cbe

    Now I am coming in bits and pieces.. Here’s some info about Bhubaneswar – Konark distances and also Puri -BBS-Konark.. It appears that reaching BBS late at night and taxi to Konark would take two hours at least.. and it’s night time! Second two hours gap on Thu to catch the BBS-Chennai train at 1200, by leaving at 1000 hrs? Please give it a thought. Check this out.

    Good wishes. Murli

  2. Lester

    I was thinking of hiring a bus, I’ve been told it takes 90 mins in a taxi.
    Anyway, we might ditch it for Rameswaram if we can get sensible, er, I mean ridiculous, timing.

    • Lester

      We ditched Konark if you are having trouble following what we actually ended up with. It didn’t fit with the core ideals of the project, Rameswaram it was decided is a much more must have.

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  5. ksr.prakash

    please send the trip price list and hotel rooms booking at sights

  6. Lester

    ksr, I’m afraid you are a bit late to get onto the train, unless you have some very serious connections inside Indian Railways.
    Also, while we do intend to see the border close at Wagah, and the temples at Amritsar, and have a day off in Darjeeling, the main site that we are going to see is what you get out of a train window, or inside an extremely brief stop in a hotel to get washed. Have a closer look at the itinerary, it’s mental.

  7. liubitsa

    10x for the reply. My wish – meet the road and the people :). I’ll be checking the blog for news from you. What I learn by practice – there’re available seats in second class even in between Christmas and New Year and quite a good chances to book in the very last moment Sleeper class if you miss a train. The officers who’re responsible for the traffic, I m’not sure if they are kind a police of rather Chef movement are very helpful, provide perfect advice how to get to point B and speak English. Some of the nonalcoholic cocktails could be actually Johny or jinn. And, I know it’s sounds weird, but the food on the street might be not that dangerous :). There are taxis with a counter and a fix price per kilometer or per time. In the city you can negotiate the taxi to give you a lift for free instead of drop you in 2 shops for tourists where the drivers get free petrol and consider this for good deal for both side. At least for me the tips from people that I met on the street after we got some conversation where better and more tricky than the info from local travel agencies. Sorry, it turn to be a too long post :).
    Anyway, splendid idea and I look forward for news from you :). Greetings to Stoycho despite we never meet :).

  8. Lester

    Lyuba you are most welcome to join us at any stage if you can.

  9. liubitsa

    Wah! How much approximately will cost the trip in India? and I need to check how can i get to.

  10. Lester

    there’s a page here

    It’s worth pointing out that there is no SL class, and certainly no unreserved, on most of our trains. You are most welcome to turn up but you’ll need more than good luck to get on many of the trains we are on with it being so close.

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