The groovy guys at PrintPressOnline have been kind enough to push the shirts out at the unbelievable price of £4.75 including postage and packaging. Once you’ve re-assembled your lower jaw you can go to here http://www.simons-shop.co.uk/shop/category_2/GCIRC.html?shop_param=cid%3D%26 and equip yourself with the ideal gift for Yuletide for you or your loved ones.

And now, not to be outdone, we have this outstanding upgrade to the design from our kind people in Mumbai, showing that outsourcing to the sub-continent can deliver real added value (which considering how generous PrintPressOnline have been is one hell of an achievement)

and all at the even better price of Rs 300 each. Please contact me with your order if you want one of those. It’s a limited special offer only, but if you convince me you are for real I’ll get you one and you can pay me on delivery.

click the image for a bigger view

We also have the option of Red Bubble, which our roving GlobeTroopers have used to get some made.

click the image to go through to our page on  Red Bubble

But it will cost you thrice as much. If you are in the UK for sure, just use Simon and get 3 for the price of one.

Note that neither Red Bubble or PrintPressOnline are collecting money for charity, you’re just paying for the production costs. If you’d like a shirt and haven’t made a contribution to Railway Children then please do so by clicking on this link, but noting is obligatory. I’d be happy if you just wore the shirt to work or to pick the kids up or just down at your local Ruby.

Many thanks to Mark at D-Collective who helped me turn my splodgey concept for a t-shirt into something you can look and feel super cool wearing.

I also should mention Sumo Sam’s here in Reading, who gave me an astonishingly low price, it just wasn’t quite as gob smacking as PrintPressOnline who, like d-collective, are actually old mates.


4 responses to “T-Shirt

  1. Tara Khan

    Hello, would love love a small t shirt in black. How can i get one of them ? I can pay either in indian currency or $. Thanks

    • Lester

      Hey Tara, do you live in Mumbai by any chance, and if so can you make it up to Matheran on sunday 6th march.
      If so I should be able to get you a shirt.

  2. Hii … it is Pankaj Pandey from Baroda Gujarat … I am also rail fan…. very nice to see your blog …it is amazaing one …..enjoy a lot …..lie it too much .. i wanna to meet you and your group. If u wish … i wanna to be your group ..
    Kindly advised when it will be possible to meet . i also wanna to buy the T-Shirt .Kindly Advisd …

    Thank and regards
    Pankaj Pandey

    • Lester

      Pankaj, it’s all over, we’ve done it. If you want a t-shirt you’l have to get one made up locally, there’s got to be a place in Vadodara that does it.

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