Here is the role of honour of all those groovy guys and gals who’ve given an awful lot of money already to Railway Children. I’ve left off the tacky subject of how much everyone gave, although to date everyone has given a whole lot more than I was expecting :).  If you are overcome with remorse that your name isn’t listed below because you haven’t stumped up yet, salvation is at hand, just Click Here and reach for the plastic.

We’ve four active pages, mine is here, ,

and Andrew’s is here ,

and Jason’s is here,

and Bella’s is here

Total Raised So Far
= Rs 300,000

Julian Galvin

Albert Treacy

Lance Johnson

David Young

Ivan & Mila

Bella Vallender (and friends)

Jason Carodus (and friends)

Andrew Galvin (and friends)

Kothanda Srinivasan

Usha Umadan

Monty Silva

Laird & Lady o’Glenmutchkin


Michela Deegan

Rosemary H

Sarah Luckham-Down

Dave Watson

Jane Buswell

Stoycho Vlaykov

Mike Efstathiou

Nicola Pohl

Anon Ymous (multiple, very generous person)

Anil Pal

Fergus Sullivan

Ben Maher

Ellen Koenig

Scott Ware

Michael Masouras

Ben Kahn

James Wood

Bill Hails

Mike Griffiths

Darren Foreman

Simon Batistoni

Simon Wistow

Pierrer Pannetier

Colin McQuade

Murray Rowan

Gareth James

Lloyd Shepherd

Herbert Dazo

There’s also a lot of Andrew, Jason and Bella’s friends who I haven’t listed as I wasn’t sure if they wanted to be put on this page

If you really need to know the score, the originals are listed in here,
and the rest are all in here or here or here or here


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